Where gonna we head for?

I don’t know where the world is heading for .. the sea-saw of financial crisis or a bubble of natural calamities or explosion of civil anger… literally thinking this either provokes me to connect this with media revolution of the world that  these weren’t prevalent previously so that we weren’t able to know or there is a serious problem…

Taking each issue independently takes me through the entire human evolution, how would a society must have taken place how civilization twisted and curled, but one thing is for sure 2012 is really gonna change the shape of this world..

It has been said that India is a strong economy couldn’t been thrash-hold by the recent crisis and expected to withstand this time too, but seems dreams have shattered.  Continuous singles for the upcoming financial tornado should atleast be encouraged by the officials of world’s largest democracy.. i feel like they are in dilemma. The easier or traditional  steps overdoses they have taken to curb inflation has backfired and resulted into poor economic growth.. in one of PM’s speech he clearly mentioned that inflation would grow if the income would grow (basic function) but people responded humorously, now they have to think in the same direction. Inflation is declining so as Growth rate too.

Anna hazare movement has twisted Govt’s image in public, so now on any good decision like FDI in retail or Food Security are taken as detrimental to nation… Seems like a high pressure from a civilian to the country and ultimately country is bowing down to him.. i don’t wonder some day People will do fast(hunger strikes) for printing their  photos on India currency 🙂

I thought Govt would first address the current financial conditions then would go for other bills, but i guess Govt understood the point that they need people’s support and for that first they need to accomplish Anna’s demands. I seriously hope that we don’t loose time to take corrective actions.

In any case i salute the team Anna hazare who has done nothing but got the maximum publicity… they got best opportunity, they grabbed and succeeded…

yet the quintessence is the same “Where we gonna head for?”




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