Business vis a vis Life

Business is a process of give n take in lieu of some profits….

I strongly Believe so as life is, One act similarly as a company/firm in his entire life span…
Your friend/family/Colleagues or whosoever u interact, invest on you to reap out his share of profits/ returns…
All the decisions we take is similar of the decision making we follow in corporates, and directly impacts to your firm/company i.e. life…
Every company/firm always try to market their brand, the quality, the advantages and so as we do we sell ourselves to different people in our life whosoever it is , in childhood to school teacher, in process of getting good admission to colleges, then Job, customers, boss, subordinates or what not, everybody struggles to create his/her life as a brand, the one who succeeds remembered as legends and the one who couldn’t known as The Common Man…
A brand could be a regional/national/international so as human beings also… you know a person who is in your area is good known to your area but might not be to nation or internationally, but u remember the brand (that person), so as Nirma is known to us but rarely to Americans…

In starting days our parents starts investing in ourselves so that you could reap the return in their old ages (may not be directly but indirectly expecting you to deliver)…

A company/firm never dies so as your name (the brand), you would alws be remembered to the genera who has recognized you as a brand…

In nut shell all i wana prove is everybody is a born Businessman, the one who recognizes this and follow the basic life principles in its artificial business becomes a successful businessman, So choose wisely and interpret every decision in with your life in your business/Job….

With Love,


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