Every now and than we hear people criticizing government, – Roads are not good, this is bad, Govt should do this and that. Top of that environment becomes so tidy that we are taken into a new world of criticism by our respected media. Just going through a thought in my mind whom I should blame – Government, Media, Anna, or many other gentleman like politicians, bureaucrats…
For god sake why don’t we understand a simple fact, we are the one who should be blamed :-
We made the Government and Government do everything to secure that vote bank (because that’s their job). Rushdie was so called banned because Government wants to secure their vote-bank which wanted Government to do so. Media hyped the matter because they were knowing this will boost their TRPs. There are thousands of such examples. Our support and fan-base made cricketers on the top and forced BCCI to choose them and now we blame they are useless. We put Anna at the Post of Bapu and then we say he is a politician.
Its all Business and we need to understand that we (citizen) are the client. and mind it any business is a client game. We choose government, We make stars, we make leaders. So at first case if some-one is to be blamed then its us who should take self onus for every situation.
Participate in voting, make your own government. Make your own judgement before viewing and making perceptions through any other medium. stop seeing rubbish on TV. Its not protests which can change the country its we who can change this country in a regular manner without making any extra effort. And, I tell you we is a combination of I, so if I gets changed everything would be changed.
But tell you one thing that we are not going to be changed we love reading Chetan Bhagat’s books and you know what only the page which contains sex-scene, We love the unsuccessful batsman giving tips to Sachin, We love politicians making controversies, We love doing strikes, we love making fun of serious situations.
Change yourself-think for others. Let this country feel proud of you.
Lets other feel the power of youth…
Thanks for your precious time in reading this…
With Love,


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