Lets take a Pause

When things go left I move right- guess this is the phenomenon we often counter with. We breath same air, drink same water (except if you change the brand or mix it with some obnoxious material ). Our every morning to the time we enter in the dream world we have been repetitive in much of activities. Lets take a pause think thorough-

1) what is it that i like about me?

2) what is it that others like about me?

3) what is it that i could have did better today?

4) what is it that can make me what i wana be?

5) and yeah last but no least when you answer all the whats.. lets get through with the answers for all by asking how, when.

We often realize our strengths and get appraised for it. we often try to cover our weaknesses by our strengths. we are 99% reluctant to work on our weaknesses – carry an attitude like

1) I don’t need it.

2) I am better than him.

3) He is fool- thats a silly thing spotting such of weaknesses in me, better he should have change in himself


Mind it guys, life is so simple if you know yourself and you behave exactly as others want. Peep into others mindset change your colors according to others mood and yeah you are through.

Every night just before entering into your lovely dream world have a meeting with yourself set your own goals do the analysis of what went today. and am telling you would everyday as a new day, you would feel every sip as a tastier water or every breath as lovelier air.

Just think thorough, think different everyday.

With Lots of Love,



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