The Life without Keys

Mr. XXX a college friend of mine, was among-st below average students. He was a typical agri student who often speak English with mix of Marwari and Hindi words and yeah that astonishing Marwari accent.

Mr. XXX howsoever got his grads done and somehow got into Post Grads. after 1st year of Post Grads he was picked by a Bank and just after completing its post grad he joined the bank. Mr. XXX (once a blue moon) called me –
Mr. XXX- Bhow aare youuu Ankit (His typical accent :))
Me- I am good XXX, Kya baat h be tu toh Kattayi Angej ho gaya h 🙂
Mr. XXX- Nooo Yar Banks has teaching english my experience
Me- good tu toh Bhokal ho gaya h bhai aur suna
Mr. XXX- are yar suna h tera transfer ho gaya h
Me- YEah, tu suna kya chal raha h?
Mr. XXX- Bhai badhiya chal raha h Shadi ho gayi, Bacche ho gaye, Gadi Le li, Flat le liya all set..

and the conversation continued…

Aah that conversation was one amongst many i had with my old pals.

After 4 years of experience, my batchmate’s eco stats follows
– 78% owns a Car
– 42% owns a flat/house
– 38% has done investments in real Estate
– and yeah 52% owns a wife 😉

But the story doesnt ends here people like me (rare to find on this earth) mostly unmatch the upper statistics (May be sample is wrong).

Most of them pay almost 75% of their income as EMIs (tx to our Banks).
I am little skeptical, Why we are so crazy about key that for future you start compromising with your present. you live in a one room kitchen set in ugly area to pay the EMIs for your flat you own in other cities. you cant roam on your holidays coz you car loan and petrol expenditures dosnt allow you..

My Dad always asks me to buy a flat than a car and as yours, he has multiple facts to endorse that..
I feel life isnt about collecting keys its about living (that doesn’t mean i say you shouldn’t buy an key). you Aspire to own many keys in life go and get those but not on condition of sacrificing you happiness, your family’s well being (intended for the working families)..

Every business has its own gestation period. treat life as a business wait to surplus or cheap investments or right time to grow your assets.. don’t run by others Keys, take your own time to get one for you.. Plan wisely

Wishing you all the success.. and yeah Keys 🙂



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  1. Devendra Agrawal says:

    Inspirational ………We should concentrate to make our present as beautiful as we can…….”Rest everything follows” and should also try to remove ‘Kaash’ from our life…………Last but not least, Don’t compare with others, we never know what their life is all about…….

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