The Rains and Farmers smiles

Agri commodity outlook is often red-faced this season. Monsoon showers are kissing the every inch of Indian soils. Kharif sowing seems to cross its average sowing area. What do we worry about???

We often fail to cop-up with either of scanty or heavy rainfalls. In every Monsoon you read headlines of floods or Drought. The 7th largest country of the world has failed to cash on its unique geographic presence.I don’t wonder the pace of Watershed development program is measured by nos and not by its optimal coverage. Canals are prolonged political agenda and remain as it is.

I read a headline that Pakistan has only left with water for 30 days. the political melodrama is about to kill an economy of country.

I often say don’t feed the poor rather create an environment where he can feed himself.I am not hesitant to say this is the time for India to become the biggest economy of the world. Lets invest in infrastructure lets cash on this good monsoon outlook. Let our agriculture be mainstay (I bet this is only sector which can never face a slowdown). Lets not clash the growth of this sector with real estate ambit.

You are only safe when others feel so!!!

Make India a better place think differently, go back to the roots. India was biggest economy at times because we were the largest producer of Agri commodities, believe it or not.. Lets get that tag again.. The Government should focus on what innovative policies they can undertake to increase the sustainable systematized growth of Agriculture in country..

Mere Increased production wont help.. the quality the Variety and the production vis-a-vis demand going to play a crucial role lets consider each one of them to ensure our farmer gets most of it.
by doing so we can actually make our trade balance stronger through exporting the surplus.



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