And there’s a Fog again..

As usual it was 9 in the morning, she rubbed her eyes, left the blanket beside and opened the curtains.. “OMG its too early in the morning, let me get a sleep again.”

And there came a shout “its 9” …

A Mirage or dilemma.. the winter mornings have started playing mind games.. its too foggy to see near by building. you reach airports, stations and find u are cancelled..

North Indians, over a period of time have learn to adjust these situations. but something new for people coming from southern corner of the country..

Absolutely, India is a diverse country..  Not only geographically, culturally but even politically..

Somebody rises up in a style of a hindi flick while other shut door to pave path to some dear one..

Should i call it fog of mind or clouds or curiosity.. Mr. Kejriwal so called Aam Admi whose stardom is none less than any big Indian Super Star..

The winters are heated up with political arguments, you somehow feel a muffler around your face making similar to your all other fellow Indians…

Boohhh sounds absurd..

but every other morning with a bed tea and your lovely news paper throws the same question.. I always thought news papers and for that matter channels have role to inform us but wow my orthodox thinking has finally an end.. The media is moreover feels like putting their opinion on my head..

Ok whatsoever it is.. let me leave behind this discussion on this point ..

Come back to the fog, aah so the political clouds have covered up entire our minds visibility to see whats good or bad.. but one thing for sure the caste based politics is surely getting a day’s out..

Early summer, we would be well equipped to know whats good and may be better ..

Options are heating up.. now work on ground would show the real face..

They call it triangle, square or may be polygons.. but quite sure Indians would have political options like never before..

Who joins hands who break up, would be a journey, till the new govt takes charge.. The theory of retirement, re-born, new-born, and legacy shall be continued..

All i could say is this new year they should all promise us one thing.. “Clean India” (that doesn’t mean am promoting a broom)

When I say that Clean that means absolutely clean in every sense..

Stop making tall claims, prove your worth and yeah be like us..

Till the summer unwinds these foggy days.. enjoy them All…






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