My shirt is better than his!!!

Away from hustle bustle of daily life, it was gourmet delight from wife (yeah she does it daily) at the dinner table. As we were near end to our capacity of overloading our stomach, a fine advertisement appeared on our TV screen  – this tooth paste is better than that. Though this may appear just as an advertisement but it summarizes our competitive behavior of placing ourselves better than our near peers/products and what not.

There is one good product which created its own segment and all other followers just simply quote their product as better than that. Making all negative statement about the leader to push their products.

While as a small business for a temporary and easy sale you may like to follow that but certainly if you want to see a sustainable growth and a marker leader approach than for god sake stop doing it.

Just give a thought, from where the buying decision come- either heart and or by mind. then for what sake we believe that merely placing our words in consumer mind would place us top of his heart or mind.

the common mistakes a marketer does are –

  • He defines his market as per competition landscape rather than defining market as per his portfolio.
  • At the lowest level it is most of the time persuasion rather than realization.
  • Just try to create negative sentiments on competition USP, what we may generally say negative marketing.
  • His countdown starts from competition loopholes rather focusing on his own positives.
  • Short term goals rather than long sustainable approach.

While he may simply follow-

Talk less – sense more

Just sense how the consumer his feeling about your product during demos rather than giving him global gyan about you product.. let him sense your product, let it get registered in his mind rather than his ears.

Never Counter

Its completely waste of resources if you start countering your product against consumers alien questions, non available features or competition comparison. Be positive, have assertive discussions rather than counter arguments.

Focus on your positives

Simply focus on your positives, stop naming any competition or giving any hint about it (please see, are you marketing self or competition?) . Let your brand be registered as unique, different and let it own create its own market.

i don’t know at how far degree i am correct but just sharing these few examples-

  • one can’t get other’s girl friend by simply saying that he is better than his boy-friend.
  • The biggest and ironically smallest differentiation in you is your DNA. So believe me stop becoming a me-too, create you own identity which has been injected to you biologically, just figure it out.
  • Just a rough survey suggests that NaMo during Delhi elections campaigns spoke AAP/Kejriwal name more than 3.5 times than his own party name. And then you know what happened as a result.
  • WhatsApp never said it is better than a SMS or rather now when they have competition never compared
  • Other such marketers swept across the market never tried comparing them such as FB, OnePlus, Apple etc.

you can never win a race if you keep on running against you competitor..  have a competition with your self.

last but not least –

  • Stay hungry but stay positive
  • Deliver value not merely amusement to your tall claims
  • Relate your consumers or rather you be your first consumer.

Hope i wasn’t sounding that absurd .. don’t mind if i did.. !! 🙂

Be a human, prove it, don’t be a mere sheep following the herd.




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  1. Venkatesh Kulkarni says:

    Good one Ankit. While reading above blog I remembered one campaign which we took against competition, ‘Threshing Days’ where team used to thresh own company hybrid and competitor hybrid in front of customer group to establish the yield advantage and hybrid supremacy over competitor but despite the good efforts competitor got the advantage as it might have got reminder impact or positive rub in customers mind…

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