IF Coke or Pepsi would have been Agri input product in india…

Ye dil Mange more..

Thanda Matlab coca cola..

Toofani Thanda

am sure most of us can easily identify by the tag/punch line that which product it is..

Lets change the scenario, think if those are marketed in Agri-input category in India.


  • ‘000 employees taking day in day out user meeting calling them in a temple
  • Every meeting must have the society’s Bade wale Chachas and Taus (Key influential Person)
  • Before meeting everywhere there would be coke posters/banners  and leaflets hovering the entire venue along roads
  • in the meeting the must have would be a sales pitch saying
    • Coke is more black
    • Coke is more cool
    • Coke Jaldi Thandi ho jati hai
    • Coke can be mixed with your favorite drink
    • Coke can be opened like champagne
    • One bada Tau will stand-up and say I have drunk this and would recommend everybody to drink.
    • One non user would say Government is not helping us to drink
    • Another would say Last time my friend tried this, it was brown
    • Another would say my friend complained about the opener quality he couldn’t open it from his mouth, he demanded for compensation and the case is still pending.
    • The ground force team headed by a Commander called TM followed by Lieutenants PO/FT would pacify the concerns  saying- this lot is different and every user is repeating it.. Its fantastic and revolutionary
  • at the end/start of the meeting the bade chahchs and taus would be garlanded and given some present
  • Few giveaways for everybody who is attending the meeting
  • There would be all food and entertainment management for the audience
  • At last they will be shown few live samples –
    • Person drinking coke one after another and burping like anything
    • 4 guys on a table enjoying their party with coke
  • Post meeting they would most likely throw a promotion/booking scheme


everything remains same except-

  • Chahchas and Taus (may be earlier coke customers as well)
  • All coke posters to be replace by Pepsi
  • Sales pitch would be-
    • Pepsi is blacker
    • Pepsi is cooler
    • Pepsi can even be mixed with non-color drinks for great color
    • rest all same

Ironically both Pepsi and Coke ground marketer are mostly each other’s ex-employee only. they would be least bothered to know what is happening to the world, they would only be guessing how much each other is selling. The biggest source of information for them is their trade channel.

There would be few TV adverts where one person with background of a party plot comes out and say Drink this its cool, black and mixable. (30 seconds and advert gone in flash) or few party-men talking about their problem in drinking softdrink and a bada tau coming  in a car saying drink this this has all the solution to your problem.

Ouuuch he hit on my head.. Sachinnnnn  Stop this.. (sorry i didn’t introduce Sachin, he is my colleague).

He is saying  “you (I) so called intelligent human-being telling us to CTRL+C and CTRL+V the marketing tactics of them in Agri-input marketing”

Naaahhh not at all, i never ever meant to say that.

Agri input marketing in India is so complex that even a new definition has to be calved out .. do you know why because-

  • Its neither purely FMCG nor FMCD
  • Its neither purely a consumable good nor industrial raw material
  • Its neither purely B2B nor B2C
  • Its neither purely distribution-centric nor product-centric
  • Its neither purely on functional benefits nor perceived benefits

So now you may think that i may suggest you some specific solution, sorry not this time :). Not because am an Agri input Marketer (competition to fellow marketer) but because there are no ready-made solutions, we all have to make hit and trials to find out the solutions for creating brand in Agri-input which are sustainable, affordable, renowned and acceptable to all the markets. We are not in a state of dealing with matured customers, they are still information deprived. Not only our consumers but we ourselves are also not equipped with complete data, believe it or not they are mostly guesstimates. Collective and synergistic marketing may save our resources in piloting the things out.There are 130 million farmers and markets are defined basis crops/Geography and not by their socio-economic behavior. CRM, ATL, BTL, TTL are still remains buzz words for us.

Sharing good practices, case studies, blog posts may help us in becoming resource savvy and help our consumer to obtain only the right information at right time.

Hope i wasn’t been too bad in writing.

As Always, Love!!



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