You are an agri (Agri ho tum)

Relentless of curiosity from almost 40% of my urbane friends filled with “who Agri is”.. its an endeavor to define that moment when we realize that we are an Agri grad.. well I could only list few of them and my co-professionals would certainly add to the list.

To define such undefinable ūüôā i will list few moments when the feeling of being an agri switches like lamp in the darkest of forest.

Its that moment

  • When your classified ranks in entrance competition sublimed by few other asking – what is that and where does this happen? ..please realize you are an agri (Agri ho tum)
  • When you transform into a college student and your first step in the college realizes what 90 and 180 degrees invented for. please realize you are an agri (Agri ho tum)
  • When you enter into first lecture and understands how poor India’s sex ratio is.. Agri ho tum
  • When your classroom changes with every lecture on an wide array of land .. Agri ho tum
  • When you realize that you have one of the most matured student’s class by force (not by choice sorry) .. Agri ho tum
  • When your seniors come to you and give grandeur lectures on what they did during their class-time .. Agri ho tum
  • And after few months when you start adjusting with the poor sex-ratio, you realize that India is bachelors country and nothing can happen (except few).. Agri ho tum
  • When your ¬†childhood (somewhere lost)¬†friend comes to you and ask what Agri is, while you are in the middle of describing that, you hear his voice – is there in any stream like that and what they teach… farming?.. Agri ho tum
  • When your relatives describe others about your profession and a little mis-spelled company name .. Agri ho tum
  • And when that audience of description asks – What do they do?.. Agri ho tum
  • ¬†top of that they ask – in which factory and how they produce seed?.. Agri ho tum
  • When your more than 40% of professional life spent eating at all the available Eateries in the country ..¬†Agri ho tum
  • You work tirelessly whole year to result at max thrice in a year.. Agri ho tum
  • When you first read news of monsoon by all the passion.. Agri ho tum
  • When you every year say.. This year it rained badly or it was completely drought.. Agri ho tum
  • When every year you say.. “Season is yet to start, only few customers are in the market” and after few days “Season is over, only few customers are in the market” and after few days “This year season gone in flash”… Agri ho tum
  • When almost every year you talk with your colleagues “this year season was pity bad for industry”. .. Agri ho tum
  • When your customer even doesn’t know at what price he will be getting the materiel and how much profit he shall earn.. Agri ho tum
  • When you work for a month to sell and rest eleven months run behind credit collection..¬†Agri ho tum
  • When you walk into consumer meetings or for that matter saying good-byes from car and feel like it was more of Netaji (politicians) ..¬†Agri ho tum
  • When you grandeur product speech in the consumer meeting makes you feel like better that any orator ..¬†Agri ho tum
  • When you talk to any of your colleagues and say you just tell my name to that distributor and he will tell about me with all the pride..¬†Agri ho tum
  • When you realize that any grad stream can enter in your profession but you can’t do vice-versa ..¬†Agri ho tum
  • When you feel like the HO people are made only for Microsoft excel and they make any schemes without owning local knowledge ..¬†Agri ho tum
  • When you feel like review meetings are equivalent to court hearing of a criminal ..¬†Agri ho tum
  • When your colleagues say “Rahne do tumse na ho payega” and you reply “Aag laga denge Market me”..¬†Agri ho tum
  • When every nook and corner hotel, you say i have stayed ..¬†Agri ho tum
  • When car becomes your second home..¬†Agri ho tum
  • When 8 PM actually is with 8 PM.. Agri ho tum
  • When leaflets and posters become directly proportional to sales..¬†Agri ho tum
  • When a consumer complaint for no reasons becomes every reason to worry ..¬†Agri ho tum
  • When you realizes that you are in one of the riskiest business controlled mostly by external factors..¬†Agri ho tum

and what not…

Am sorry due to paucity of time i could only list few traits.. I hope you would certainly like to add..

but on contrary coming to my urbane friends, I can say-

  • India produces only 90k Agri grads every year way lesser than engineers and for that matter doctors.
  • Agri is one of the most noble profession, who is directly involved in providing food to more than 6 Bn people.
  • Contributing to the betterment of 60% of Indian population and 16% of GDP.
  • We help millions of people to smile by real means of better earning.

and what not .. sorry i made it bit emotional at the end.. but yeah we are proud agrarians.. so better mind it before saying Agri ho tum..

Sorry you might miss Sachin this time.. ūüėõ

(Sorry not doing any proof reads.. and this time you know it why? ūüôā )





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