Agriculture(in India) and India is like Ramesh-Suresh

“Ramesh and Suresh are legendary (atleast for some) character of famous Indian Television ad for a chocolate company they represents the similarity”

Agriculture represents the soul of India, yes it does, not only factually but also emotionally. If they would have been some sort of individuals they would have certainly greeted themselves like the brothers lost in some mega fair (Kumbh k Bichade Bhaiiii).. ouch Sachin and he just banged on my head asking what kind of joke is this .. and I said: perhaps it isn’t, just look at the below Ramesh –Suresh moments and you might agree to it..

Agriculture and India as primitive as it could be

Indian civilization is one of the oldest civilization in world same as Agriculture one of the most primitive industry around the world and both holds its traditional practices intact especially in India.

Just a top line

India having 16% of world population holding less than 3% share in global GDP similarly agriculture employing 60% Indians contributing only 16.7% to Indian GDP.

Caste and religion system

They say castes and religions are manmade, yes they are.. Especially in agriculture industry atleast 😛

Treat Agriculture industry as a religion, where any agri graduate is bound to borne and it is so receptive like Indian society that it adopts any other graduate with utmost humble and gratitude but vice versa is something, which every Indian wants to but barely can.

Hold-on, let’s get to the caste system of this religion


Seems complex, yes it is but very well defined in Krishi-Shastra of any agriculture industry in india.. So, how does it start.. once you get out of the college, you are born as an agri professional, now your caste is decided by the first company you join.. Supposedly if your first company is a seed company then this is how you are labeled throughout the life (as it does in typical caste system).

A relationship between like recruiter and recruit is like marriage affair. So be prepared that your resume (lets write biodata atleast here) exhibits the typical caste of that recruiter company. So a seed guy may not be entertained at pesticide industry or vice versa.  And if you are too modern and join the recently formed castes such as banking, tech etc then it will be a typical orthodox Indian family situation and back of the mind there may be a voice like – “Dekh tu ja to raha hai banking me, teri marji hai but aaj se input industry k sare raste band hai tere liye, tu jindagi bhar ek banker ban k hi rahega (see you are going to banking, now all the doors for agri input industry is closed for you, you would be labeled as a banker for life) .. Seriously isn’t it like you are going for a love marriage and your father says – “now you are no more my son from today onwards I am ending this relationship for life”.

On the other hand we need innovation, new perspective but we are not getting over by this caste system.. Do we need here a Nana Patekar of Krantiveer movie moment, where he says – Ye le nikal diya maine seed or pesticide resume se ab pahchan kaun seed wala, kaun pesiticide wala.. jab distributor wahi, farmer wahi crop wahi to tu kaun hota hai fark karne wala 😛  (I have removed seed and pesticide from resume, now identify who is from see and who is from pestcicide .. when distributors are same, farmers are same, crops are same then who you are to differentiate :P)

Predictions are as dubious as opinion polls

When the population and variables are too large the sample often doesn’t represent the true situation, like opinion polls, demand estimation in agri input is also a critical but very challenging and often lead to failure.

As democratic as agriculture

You might have often heard the democracy in agriculture, recently I realized that democracy is nothing more than somebody exercising his power of saying no, isn’t it happen when you launch a new technology in Indian agriculture.

As chaotic (dharne wala) as opposition

A small complaint become quite chaotic, no matter what the issue is, like opposition party your customer are agitated in groups and start paying dharnas.. Obviously they are few PIL wala advocates who pings customer to file a case on any complaint no matter what it is.

Product sales is equivalent to contesting election

Collection of crop wise village wise data, strategizing who will buy your product, the full of food and entertainment mega famer meetings.. Those forcefully captured audience in buses/autos for a speech by bade wale managers.  The tireless rallies oops farmer meetings. You even don’t know till the season ends what your exact sales is just like till the results are announced you can’t say who is going to form the government.

Products are as legendary as leaders

There are few agriculture products in India, which has become so legendary that the customer even keeps them at their religious place, he is completely gung-ho about it and can go any stretch to get a feel of it. Like the politico leaders in India.

Controlled by outside

India is reliant on its external trade and investments so does agriculture on external factors.. Sometimes I wonder if god should shower the rain by measuring in beakers. From water logging to dry-spell you can observe in same field in one season… from drought to flood etc..

Too many segments

If you are to classify Indian customer into different segment may be you can do it basis different attributes – could be economic, social, geography, age, income, education, aspiration etc, similarly in agriculture you can do it like- soil type, crops, irrigation, management, geography, landholding etc.  and yeah you can’t give exact segment by mixing 3 or more attributes.

Hawa Chal Rahi hai (can’t find right English for it :P)

Before elections you might have heard that this time – “Modiji ki hawa chal rahi hai” and that’s the constitutional sales language during sales season in agriculture – “Hawa Chal rahi hai”.

The growth lies here

As entire world is looking India as one of the biggest market so does entire India is looking towards agriculture, both has a potential to give the growth rate and returns in double digit.

There are many more such moments, agriculture is surely a true representation of India. As they used to say during my college days – “Desh ka Culture Agriculture”.

Kindly excuse the spell check and grammar (written on the go)..




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